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[Acceleration Program Batch 01] Benefit

Web3 Space acceleration program will officially launch in mid of May 2023. This program includes many attractive activities and promises to be a meaningful program that helps participants have a memorable experience. We will create a playground for project builders from which they can present and develop their projects in the future. Our program facilitates for founder and acceleration advisor to meet and exchange, as well as share experience and value they gained through their developing process

We're honored to receive a lot of concentration from young startup talents in tech. With all projects taking part in our program, they will receive many alluring benefits. There are benefits and values that anyone can have if they join our acceleration program:

1. E2E Service

There are many interesting benefits that you can’t overlook ! You will receive credit from famous brands including:

  • AWS

  • Zendesk

  • Clickup

  • Airtable

  • Github

  • mongoDB

Service's credit gross that you can get up to $100K from our partner

Benefits from Web3 Space's Acceleration Partners

Besides credit from our acceleration partner, you still have other benefit spending for your project when you take part in our program. Our partner will give you a service that you can get the best price guaranteed. There are interesting services you can get from our partners:

  • Technical & Security support from SotaTek, Pando Infinity, CyStack

  • Fund-raising (support apply grants & connect VCs) from Algorand Foundation, Solana, Sui Foundation

  • Listing from OKX, Coinstore, BIT,

  • Marketing from Meta Hub

  • Finance & Legal from Vạn Luật

  • HR & Recruitment from TopCV

The best price guaranteed from Web3 Space's partner service

2. Supportive Activity

When you take part in our program, your project will be more perfect if you get support from the event's organizer ! So we have prepared many supporting activities for all the project builders. There are 4 main activities for participants:

🔸 Fundraising (support apply grants & connect VCs)

  • Projects & Founders will be introduced to our network of more than 100 VCs, Angel Investors

  • Projects & Founders will always be invited to our private pitching events (ideally for 2/quarters)

🔸 Web3 Space founder club

  • Projects & Founders will catch up with Web3 Space monthly for checking up

  • Projects & Founders will get connected with dozen of other projects accelerated by Web3 Space

🔸 Event & Network

  • Projects & Founders always get 2 tickets to join our networking events

  • Projects & Founders can co-host events, and technical workshops with us to promote your brand & identity

🔸 Hackathon/ Hackerhouse Demo

Web3 Space will reserve you a slot to pitch/present projects at Web3 Space's Hackathon/

Hackerhouse event to end users, investors, foundation & media partners

Benefits you can get in the training program are not going to disappoint you ! With supporting activities and attractive advantages, our acceleration will satisfy and accompany you throughout the journey.

Acceleration program hosted by Web3 Space and takes place consecutively for 6 weeks with different activities, and workshops will happen every week. Our program has the participation of a talent project builder/founder and acceleration advisor. They will have a chance to meet and exchange with each other, and all project will have an opportunity of becoming a project advisor

Join our acceleration program now !

Register HERE


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