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[Acceleration Program Batch 01] Mentorship Introduction

Updated: May 24

Being a special program for all projects and founders in the Web3/Blockchain, when participating in the next acceleration program, the project and founder will have an opportunity to meet and connect with advisors and consultants who have rich experience in this field. In a 6 weekly training program, projects & founders will have 2 hours/per week to chat & talk with our strategic Advisors. Projects & Founders will be connected to acceleration program Advisors so that they can get insight from them & persuade them to be project advisors

We’re honored to introduce advisors and consultants who will take part in our Acceleration program:

🔸 Mr. Binh Nguyen - Dev Relations, @Solana Superteam VN | Co-Founder @Pando Infinity

  • Focus area: Product Development, Technical, Gamfi

  • 15 years in tech, 7 years in blockchain

🔸 Mr. Erik Duong - Blockchain Product Manager @SAP | Founder & Managing Partner @CGZ Venture

  • Focus area: Product development, B2B solution, Fundraising

  • 10 years in tech, 5 years in blockchain

🔸 Mr. Hieu Bui - Dev Relations, @Solana Superteam VN | Co-Founder @Hectagon Finance

  • Focus area: Technical, E-commerce

  • 15 years in tech, 7 years in blockchain

🔸 Mr. Son Ha - Product Manager @Kyber Network | Co-Founder @Web3 Lab , CPO

  • Focus area: Product, B2B software, Defi , Wallet

  • 15 years in tech, 7 years in blockchain

With the appearance of densely-experienced advisors and consultants, Acceleration program promises to become an interesting program which brings a potential playground for projects and builders to develop their skill and career.

Acceleration program hosted by Web3 Space and takes place consecutively for 6 weeks with different activities, and workshops will happen every week. Our program has the participation of a talent project builder/founder and acceleration advisor. They will have a chance to meet and exchange with each other, and all project will have an opportunity of becoming a project advisor

Join our acceleration program now !

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