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[Acceleration Program Batch 01] Project Introduction

Updated: May 24

Acceleration program is a part of Web3 Space's acceleration activity, being held with the purpose of creating a playground for potential projects and builders, supporting them to connect and develop their project throughout the program. When projects and builders join in our program, they will have a chance to meet and exchange with advisors, so that they can get insight from them & persuade them to be project advisors

Web3 Space is grateful to projects and builders for participating in our acceleration program. Besides leadership and professional skill, projects and builders will be experienced the best service when being a part of our program. There are informations about 5 projects and builders in our program

1. IP Haru

  • IP Haru - From Korea, Haru is an ambitious metaverse project that seeks to harness the power of technology and create an entirely new digital landscape

  • Web3 Space's partner Pando Infinity supported IP Haru on the development task and Haru received $100K from the Korean Government Fund.

  • IP Haru is currently valuated at $4M in the equity round

IP Haru from Korea

2. Nimbus

  • Nimbus - From Vietnam, Nimbus is a personalized portfolio for Web3

  • Nimbus already got attention from the Market by receiving an offer to be acquired from a Defi Platform

Nimbus from Vietnam

3. Hyper Station

  • Hyber Station - From Vietnam, Hyper Station helps projects reach, acquire, and retain identified users on any marketing campaign ( airdrop, retros ... )

  • Hyper Station win the 2nd prize in Global Hackathon hosted by Solana "Road to Grizzlython " in Vietnam

Hyper Station from Vietnam

4. The Alchemist

  • The Alchemist - From Vietnam, The Alchemist is a data-driven platform

  • The founder of Alchemist came from the admin and influencer of the larger crypto trading community in Vietnam

The Alchemist from Vietnam

5. GAT

GAT - From Vietnam, a Web3 platform that helps all writers build and develop their own DAO fan-base community and earn direct income with GAT's business model

GAT from Vietnam

Project builder will join our acceleration program that converges on many talented and famous representative faces in Web3/Blockchain. Along with other projects, they will meet and exchange with acceleration advisors, so that they can get insight from them & have a chance of becoming a project advisor

Acceleration program hosted by Web3 Space and takes place consecutively for 6 weeks with different activities, and workshops will happen every week. Our program has the participation of a talent project builder/founder and acceleration advisor. They will have a chance to meet and exchange with each other, and all project will have an opportunity of becoming a project advisor

Join our acceleration program now !

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