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[Acceleration Program] Workshop

Updated: May 30

Acceleration program is a special training program hosted by Web3 Space will officially launch on 15th May, 2023. For more detail, our training program will last consecutively in 6 weeks with different activities, and workshops will happen every week. Every week, we teach you about different stages of the startup cycle, to get your business ready-to-launch


🔸Each section will be conducted by Web3 Space Advisors, accelerator advisors, and partners. In the weekly program, the projects and founders also need to have 2 hours of consulting /reviewing their project progress with our strategic advisors

🔸There are 3 sections / per week and each section will last drafty for 2 hours, containing:

  • Presentation / Speaker sharing

  • Interactive actions / live workshop / panel discussion

  • Homework

🔸Throughout the program, all founder team/members should join our workshop. They will have 10 hours in every week for these activities:

  • 6 hours with 3 section workshop

  • 2 hours meeting with advisors

  • 2 hours doing homework


Workshop will happen consecutively in 6-8 weeks and kick-off on 16th May, 2023

The first section will officially launch on 22nd May, 2023

All the information about the workshop and acceleration program will be updated continuously and informed to everyone in the Web3 Space community. We're very eager to welcome the participation and presentation of projects and builders in the next workshops.

Acceleration program hosted by Web3 Space and takes place consecutively for 6 weeks with different activities, and workshops will happen every week. Our program has the participation of a talent project builder/founder and acceleration advisor. They will have a chance to meet and exchange with each other, and all project will have an opportunity of becoming a project advisor

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