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Updated: Aug 1

About the event

AMA is the place to answer all questions about the Klaynovators Hackathon at 8 pm on Saturday, July 29th, 2023, on the Discord platform hosted by Web3 Space. Participants can interact directly with a Klaytn representative who will answer questions and provide details about the Klaynovators competition. You can also receive a $5 airdrop and other prizes in the event's minigame, totaling up to $500.

This is an excellent opportunity for users to learn about contest entry, requirements, and prizes and meet and connect with other developers and builders in the community. AMA - Klaynovators Hackathon is a Q&A session and an opportunity to find partners and creative ideas. Participants can share and discuss their projects with other builders and seek support and opinions from Klaytn representatives.


8.00pm - 8.05pm: Check-in

8.05pm - 8.15pm: Web3 Space Intro

8.15pm - 8.30pm: Klaytn & Klaytnovators Intro

8.30pm - 8.45pm: Break

8.45pm - 8.50pm: Minigame

8.50pm - 9:30pm: AMA

Register to participate in the link below so you don't miss this precious workshop!!

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