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[Announcement] Solana Hackathon 01 - Consumer Hack

Updated: May 25

We are happy to announce that Web3 Space & Superteam Vietnam will co-host SOLANA HACKATHON 01 - CONSUMER HACK - coming soon this May!

In detail, Solana Consumer Hack 01 - in the series of hackathon - will take place on May 20th, promises to attract the attention of the programming community in Vietnam. Organized by Web3 Space and Superteam Vietnam, sponsored by Solana, along with support form startups in the Solana ecosystem, this hackathon focuses on the applications of Solana in familiar fields with web2 programming community such as Social media, E-commerce, NFT, etc.

Solana is a top blockchain platform that has many advantages such as cheap gas fees, parallel processing with high speed, the ability to support gas less transactions, and allowing the use of private keys from other chains. These advantages make Solana potentially a revolution in bringing blockchain closer to daily life.

Solana Consumer Hack 01 is an opportunity for programmers to showcase their skills in developing applications on the Solana platform. The event not only offers attractive prizes but also provides a chance for young people to access promising blockchain technology and come up with new ideas.

Within 24 hours, top 15 best ideas (selected among all the teams registered to the event and have successfully submitted their ideas) will be compete in hackathon day, with support and instruction from mentors. After that, all 15 teams will have a chance to deliver their project proposal in front of judges, base on which the winner is selected.

Join us to bring ideas to life!

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