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[Announcement] Web3 Space Acceleration Program Batch 01

Updated: May 24

We are honored to announce that: Web3 Space Acceleration Program Batch 01 - coming soon in May !

Being a part of Web3 Space's acceleration activity, Acceleration Program will kick off with fascinating events, promising to attract attention from young technology talent. Web3 Space will host the very first batch of the ACCELERATION PROGRAM together with our Advisors & Partners

Acceleration program will last consecutively for 6 weeks with different activities, and workshops will happen every week. Every week, our program is about different stages of the startup cycle, to get our business ready-to-launch. Project builder and acceleration advisor will join the special program together that converges on many talented and famous representative faces in Web3/Blockchain. Projects & founders will meet and exchange with advisor/instructor, so that they can get insight from them & have a chance of becoming a project advisor

When taking part in our program, projects & their founders will have access to our 4 main services:


  • Every week, Web3 Space will work with founders to further their startup

  • Introducing and hooking founders up with leading entrepreneurs and investors.


  • Every week, Web3 Space will teach founders about a different stage of the startup cycle

  • Eg: Finding the right co-founder, Co-founder conflict resolution, User Research, Design Thinking, Tokenomics Business Model, Presenting effectively, Investor Insight

E2E Service Support

After 6 weeks, Web3 Space still try our best to support project with their partners in the area of :

  • Technical support

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing

  • Legal

  • Finance & HR

Long life connection

After 6 weeks, Web3 Space will support project and founder in the long run with:

  • Fundraising (support apply grants & connect VCs)

  • Web3 Space founder club

  • Event & Network

  • Hackathon/ Hacker-house Demo

Acceleration Program Batch 01 will be a fascinating and attractive program where every single project can learn and develop along with the support of Web3 Space advisor and accelerator advisor! With the careful preparation and exciting activities waiting, Acceleration Program Batch 01 promises to become the most anticipated event in May

Join our acceleration program now !

Register HERE


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