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Hanoi Builder Meet-Up Was A Success!

Updated: May 27

To create a playground for blockchain industry builders in Hanoi, Hanoi Builder Meet Up event is organized by Web3 Space and sponsored by Solana Supperteam this April 15 to gather web3 builders ( project owners, founders, developers ). It is the most enthusiastic in the Hanoi area to meet and share. Participating builders received valuable information from industry experts, heard about the latest developments in web3 technology, and connected with like-minded professionals.

The event featured sharing from Solana Superteam, Algorand Foundation, and Web3 Space about support builder plans in the second quarter of 2023. (Networking events, Technical workshops, Hackathon, Acceleration programs)

Around 6 pm on April 15, builders participating in Hanoi Builder Meet Up are checked in on the 1st floor of the restaurant "Alley 8 Thai Thinh". After check-in, they were invited to the 3rd floor and officially attended Hanoi Builder Meet Up.

At about 6:40 pm, the Co-founder of Web3 Space - Mr. Erik Duong, had an introduction about Web3 Space and upcoming plans. An introduction to the Solana Superteam by Mr. Hieu Bui and an introduction to the Algorand Foundation by Henry Pham followed this.

After the valuable and exciting sharing, the builders continued participating in the minigame on the Kahoot platform. With questions related to Web3 Space. The five players with the highest score received a special Solana Superteam gift.

Finally, the Diner&Networking section. Everyone had dinner, exchanged, made friends, and talked about exciting stories in blockchain, web3, and crypto,...

And so, Hanoi Builders Meetup has concluded successfully on Apr 1 April 15 in Hanoi with 20+ developers, builders, and blockchain enthusiasts coming to join us! Thanks to Solana Foundation and Algorand Foundation for supporting us, our fantastic speakers, and all participants for making this happen!

In addition, Web3 Space introduced the following activity for the builder's community. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with other web3 builders and learn more about the future of web3 technology!


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