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Introduce Project Builder Attending Private Pitching Event

Updated: Apr 27

On 14th April, Web3 Space will hold a private pitching event for Hackathon and Hacker House winners - a competition that took place in both Hanoi and HCM city. Along with the participation of investors, the event will have a presentation from 10 project builders corresponding 10 winners who are from “Road to Grizzlython" in Ha Noi and Hacker House in HCM city. Throughout the event, 10 project builders will meet, exchange, and express themselves in front of investors. This is a golden opportunity to builders impress themselves and make a strong impression on investors

There are 10 project builders who will attend the private pitching event

Hyber Station - 2nd place "Road to Grizzlython"

Verifying end user in airdrop campaign

IP Haru - Top projects in Solana HCM Hacker House

Haru is an ambitious metaverse project that seeks to harness the power of technology and create an entirely new digital landscape. They are one of the most prominent projects that receive direct support from the Korean government fund (KOCCA).

Walless - Top projects in Solana HCM Hacker House

Walless - A versatile & custom layout wallet for gamers & non-web3 users. Walless is the first web3 sandbox-wallet with embedded dApps, simplified onboarding, and unified cross-chain interface.

Nimbus - Top projects in Solana HCM House

Nimbus is a personalized portfolio for Web3

Globoroom (MTMS Network) - Top projects Hackathon

MTMS is a virtual work, study community platform with a unique reward system powered by blockchain. They offer private and public virtual meeting rooms, NFTs ads portal, and a reward center, allowing users to create public rooms to study, work on a variety of topics. They aim to revolutionize virtual meetings by providing a secure, user-friendly, and rewarding platform for students, office workers, crypto users, and projects.

Floop - Top project in Solana Hackathon Germany

Mobile-first NFT entertainment platform with creator experience on the go. Their platform combines the best of TikTok and an NFT marketplace, allowing users to easily discover new NFTs through familiar mobile formats with the help of AI algorithms. In addition, Floop enables everyone to become a creator and start creating NFTs using their mobile phone camera with AI post-processing algorithms. They also offer a seamless way to buy and sell NFTs.

Payleaf - Top project in Solana Hackathon Germany

A no-wallet payment solution for merchants and clients to send and accept digital payments on Solana

SoLighting - 1st place in Solana Germany Hackathon

Building the future of freelancer cross-border payments to emerging markets. Building a trustless bridge SDK between Solana and Bitcoin (on-chain and lightning network) to allow anyone to receive and send bitcoin from/to their solana wallet!

Vorld - Top projects Hackathon

Vorld is a gameverse. They will be releasing multiple game modes that are aligned with the main storyline of the VORLD as the timeline goes ahead. They also provide tool stack to the devs to create games in web3 with ease and be a part of VORLD gaming ecosystem.

Along with the presence of project participants, the private pitching event promises to become a remarkable and impressive event for young Web3/Blockchain talents. This is a special chance spending for project builders when they’re received many precious and potential opportunities in their start-up career

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