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Online Workshop - Web3: The Next Big Thing In Tech and How You Can be Part of It

Updated: Apr 10

On March 25, 2023, the online workshop “Web3: The Next Big Thing In Tech And How You Can Be Part Of It” which was hosted by Web3 Space took place with the participation of Web3 Space with partners such as SotaTek, MOR Software, Krystal Wallet,... and especially is the presence of 50 young people who are keen on Web3/Blockchain. This workshop targeted to help youngsters understand deeply about the definition of web3 as well as create opportunities for them to work in this field. In the presentation, Co-founder of Web3 Space - Mr. Erik and speakers shared their knowledge and experiences about Blockchain/Web3 to help young people understand Web3/Blockchain deeply. Moreover, participants can expose to important and helpful information from well-known companies in this area.

Online Workshop: The Next Big Thing in Tech and How You Can Be Part of It

Speaker's Speech

Throughout 4 hours, the event took place with many helpful and impressive activities, so the participants easily interacted with the speakers. Along with the appearance of speakers coming from Web3 Space, SotaTek, the participants had a chance to discover new information relating to job opportunities in the company .

After the speaker's presentation, participants had a chance to ask and unravel their questions about Web3/Blockchain. The speakers explained all the questions and advised everyone. Especially, when asking a question, participants would have a chance to receive a special gift.

Recruiter Speed Dating

At the end of the event, the most expected activity in the workshop: “Recruiter Speed Dating” - happened successfully and left a lot of impressions. There was a time the participants interacted with speakers directly, were interviewed, and gained a volume of information about agencies, job recruitment, and CV assessment. This activity was operated in 45 minutes, everyone was allocated to 3 rooms: SotaTek, MOR Software, and Pando Infinity. In each of the rooms, participants not only talked with speakers and the recruiter, but they also had a once-in-a-blue-moon chance to receive the CV review and assessment. Moreover, participants were consulted and facilitated to exposure job career in the future.

“Recruiter - Speed Dating” left a lot of impressions

At the end of the event, an online workshop attracted nearly 50 participants and many rewards were given to the lucky person who asked a question throughout the event. Especially, workshop was received many positive feedbacks, recorded many impressive interactions between the speakers and the participants.

With creative and practical experiences in the field of Web3/Blockchain, the speakers brought to everyone a lot of information, and specific cases to apply in working. Hopefully, these pieces of information will help young people who love Web3/Blockchain gain more knowledge and skills to be more confident, as well as accumulate experience for their career path in the future.

Video Recap

Let’s review the highlights of the online workshop in the video below!

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