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Partnership Announcement: Web3 Space x Bester Venture

We're delighted to announce that Bester Venture - an incubator, investor, and accelerator, who wants to find and nurture promising blockchain startups, has extended its partnership with Web3 Space to become an Investment Partner!!

As investment partners, we are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship that delivers the highest value and benefits to both parties!!

With this collaboration, Bester Venture agrees to provide referrals of projects from the other party’s network that might be suitable for the parties’s ongoing or future activities including investment opportunities or acceleration opportunities to refer or become speaker/mentor for the parties’s events, keep each other updated of ongoing or future events and prioritize each party on guest lists to exclusive events, support each other activity on social media and promotion activities.

But that's not all! Our commitment to each other in the event space goes beyond just appearances. Here's what you can expect:

Sustained Event Cooperation: We are both keen to lend our support whenever the other party requires it, whether by referring talented speakers, providing mentorship, or offering our hosting or sponsorship services.

Priority Access: We are pleased to offer each other preferential access to exclusive events, thereby enabling the cultivation of stronger ties within our respective networks.

Prepare for a journey heralding innovation, collaboration, and boundless potential. We eagerly anticipate the future that lies ahead with Bester Venture as our investment partner.

To get more information about Bester Venture, visit:

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments!

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