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Partnership Announcement: Web3 Space x Me Network

We are delighted to announce that Me Network - the world's premier modular blockchain centered on individual sovereignty! Crafted by the Meta Earth Association, it has joined Web3 Space as an ecosystem partner!

As Ecosystem Partner, we aim to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship and provide each other with as much value and benefits as possible:

Referral partnership: Introduce suitable projects to the partner's ongoing or future service and activities.

Event partnership:

Host/co-host with the partner or become speaker/mentor/sponsor for the partner's events.

Keep the partner updated on ongoing or future events and prioritize the partners on guest lists for exclusive events.

Media partnership: Get featured on the partner’s community and social media, support each other on online & promotion activities

This partnership is a significant development for the Web3 space. By bringing together two of the leading companies in the industry, this partnership will help to accelerate the growth and adoption of Web3. Together, we embark on a journey to empower Web3 projects and start-up ecosystems. We are confident that our collaboration will lead to great things. We look forward to working together to build a brighter future for our customers.

👉Stay tuned for more information !!

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