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Partnership Announcement: Web3 Space x Unicorn Ultra

🤝 We would like to officially announce our investment partnership with Unicorn Ultra - An infinity ecosystem based on venture builder for Digital Assets, Dapps, NFTs, CBDCs, Startups,...

📌 With this collaboration, Unicorn Ultra agrees to connect us with projects in your network that are a good fit for our current or future investment or acceleration opportunities, refer or become speaker/mentor for the parties’s events, support each other activity on social media and promotion activities.

👀 About Unicorn Ultra:

Unicorn Ultra is the Layer-1 blockchain platform designed based on the venture builder model that enables creators and developers to build any potential projects to serve for a decentralized future. U2U is governed by a decentralized council that aims to take advantage of community power to create global blockchain unicorns.

For more info about Unicorn Ultra, visit:

🔥 This partnership will become the catalyst for our success in the future!

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