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Recap "Road to Gizzlython" Hackathon

Updated: Apr 8

On April 3rd, 2023, the “Road to Grizzlython” Hackathon officially took place with innovative product ideas created by the competing teams. From a platform to share moments at events, or an online reading platform, all products are created with blockchain technology to solve seemingly simple problems but yet to have a specific solution. Under the advice of mentors from Web3 Space, Solana Superteam, Relipa, etc, the teams have acquired a lot of additional knowledge about Blockchain technology and Web3, therefore having the opportunity to build their products more efficiently.

Hackathon “Road to Grizzlython”

Road to Grizzlython is a contest launched by Web3 Space with partners Future Entrepreneurs Club of Foreign Trade University (TEC FTU) and Solana Superteam Vietnam with the desire to bring an accessible and rewarding playground. It is meant for young people and blockchain developers to have the opportunity to develop both their knowledge and skills in the Blockchain sleepless market - the future of Vietnamese startups.

The competition consists of 16 teams that have been carefully selected to enter the 12-hour blockchain product-building experience. The contest is part of the global chain of Grizzlython Hackathon with a total prize value of up to 5 million USD. Right from the first time organized, the contest reunited many famous mentors and judges in the blockchain world. Like Mr. Erik Duong - Co-founder of Web3 Space, Blockchain Product Manager SAP, Founder & Managing Partner CGZ Venture; Mr. Binh Nguyen - CEO of Pando Infinity, Solana Super Team; Mr. Hieu Bui - CPO of Hectagon Finance, Dev Rel @ Solana Superteam; Mr. Duc Tran - CEO of Relipa; Simon Ha - Product Manager of Kyber Network; Jason Le - CMO DareNFT, Founder of XomNFT; Quan Vu - CTO at Kaopiz Software; Carter Dao: - Director Division – Sotatek; Duc Duong - CTO Pando Infinity.

This is also the official launch of Web3 Space with the mission of becoming an ideal destination for web3 and blockchain project developers in Vietnam and the region, helping them build successful products and reach their goals.

"Road to Grizzlython," taking place on March 4, 2023, has achieved impressive numbers, such as 41 teams with 100 registered participants; 10 Mentors and jury to coach and evaluate the project; 50 guests attended live in the Pitching session - Hackathon Day. The contest has 04 prizes, with a total value of over 2000 USD. The winning team will be fully funded to attend Solana HackerHouse, which will take place in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City on March 18 and 19

The main content of the event

Speaking at Hackathon Day, Mr. Erik Duong - Co-founder of Web3 Space, shared with 16 teams the desire and purpose of the contest. Accordingly, "Road to Grizzlython" can not only give young people the opportunity to develop themselves and hone their knowledge and skills related to blockchain under the advice of experts and developers. Reputation in the network of "experts" in the blockchain field in Vietnam also offers the opportunity to own a valuable prize after only 12 hours of participating in the contest.

After being met and mentored by mentors, 16 teams, and 43 contestants, all are working hard to perfect their products to prepare for the pitching Session's final round.

After 9 hours of intense coding and mentoring, the Mentor and the judges selected the TOP 10 best teams to advance to the next round - the Pitching round. Here, teams will have the opportunity to show off their projects, attracting the attention of viewers and potential investors' attention.

After 2 hours of intense Pitching, the first-season champion of Road to Grizzlython has officially named the Maius Fun team. With a platform product that shares moments at events by creating and sharing NFTs, this well-deserved winner team includes $1000 cash and full funding to attend HackerHouse in HCMC.

In addition, the second and third prizes officially went to two teams, Airdrop Station - a platform for managing and verifying the reliability of electronic assets, and Rades - a NFTs reading application running on the blockchain platform to help save money. Expense. And finally, the most popular team is BlockInsights, with a platform that supports data exchange and analysis.

For the teams that were not lucky enough to win prizes in the Pitching Session, Mr. Hieu Bui, Dev Rel at Superteam Vietnam, shared: "Continue to code whether you win or not because it does not determine your success."

Not only stopping at a contest, but Web3 Space also organizes many other activities, such as Workshops and in-depth technology seminars with leading experts to improve blockchain knowledge for developers and the whole world—your non-tech background. Web3 Space will also help projects coming out of the competition in fundraising, finance, legal, marketing, or technical support activities.

In the middle of next April, projects with exemplary achievements when participating in this hackathon will be invited to a particular round of fundraising, meeting domestic and foreign investment funds that are partners of Web3 Space.

It is expected that in May, Web3 Space will continue to organize a new Hackathon with a theme focusing on the GameFi field, promising more attractive rewards, more participating projects, and better quality.

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