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Recap: Solana Consumer Hackathon 07: A day of innovation and creativity!!

On August 26 and 27, 2023, Solana Superteam Vietnam and the Viet My College of Can Tho successfully organized the Solana Consumer Hackathon 07 at the Viet My College of Can Tho. The hackathon attracted 45 talented students and 17 enthusiastic teams.

The teams worked tirelessly for two days to develop their projects. The projects were evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of experts in the fields of blockchain and web3 technology.

In the end, the Lavenes team won the Grand Prize with their project Ville City, a role-playing game that combines a decentralized economy. The Trekn team won the Second Prize with their project App Trekn_xyz, an app that provides accurate and reliable travel information. The Chili team won the Third Prize with their project Chili App, which allows users to trade stocks. The PTP team won the People's Choice Award with their project PTP_Bus.

In addition, the organizers also awarded special prizes to teams with outstanding projects in specific areas. The Mungbean team won the Backpack Platform App Award, the ZeroToSuperHero team won the Shyft Platform App Award, the Tech Wizard team won the HxRO Platform App Award, and the Chili team won the Sonar Watch Platform App Award.

Solana Consumer Hackathon 07 was a huge success, providing a day full of innovation and creativity with new projects and ideas. The hackathon contributed to the promotion of blockchain and web3 technology in Vietnam.

Congratulations to the winning teams and all participating teams!

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