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Recap: Summer Pitch - A Resounding Achievement !!

We are exhilarated to announce that the Summer Pitch which was held on August 26 was an outstanding success, with the thrilling performance of 19 projects from 10 different countries all around the world! They have exhibited marvelous demonstrations to 23 VCs and Investors worldwide.

The remarkable effort of the volunteers was evident within 3 hours of the event. The meticulous preparation of the project team allowed them to demonstrate their capabilities to the investors. We have been witnessing the incredible exertion from:

Eladrea: The land of the ancients, Nimbus, DAOStruct, Snotra Protocol, HyperStation, MetaHub Finance, ChatGM, CryptoDo, Lucia Protocol, The Great Escape ,MintDefense ,The Alchemist, BlaBlaBlock, Connect to Evolve (C2E)

World@Meta, LeapFi, Dmail Network, Fewcha, Hotpot Protocol

We also want to give a significant acknowledgment to all of the venture capitalists and stakeholders who have made the time to join the event today, paying attention to each project and offering suggestions.

Kyber Ventures, The Sandbox Foundation, Aegis Ventures, Rootz Labs, Polygon Labs, Gotbit Hedge Fund, Blockchain Network Philippines, Bester Ventures, BFG Blockchain Founders Group, Finverse Global, SVB Ventures, IDG Capital Vietnam Blockchain, Middle Class Capital

As we reflect on this successful event, we extend our sincere appreciation to all who attended, our project teams, VCs, and Investors for being a part of this remarkable event. We look forward to crossing paths again in the near future.

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