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"Solana Consummer Hack 05" - Set Your Footsteps To Create The Future!

Updated: Aug 1

Solana Consumer Hack is a series of hackathons sponsored by the Solana Foundation. This series of events is intended to allow programmers to become familiar with developing applications on the blockchain through the use of SDK tools provided by essential projects in the Solana Ecosystem, such as Wormhole, Orca, SolScan, Civic, Crossmint, CandyPay, Shyft, HxroNetwork, Dialect…

With this concept, it will be easier for the participating programmers to develop applications without prior development experience on the Solana blockchain. Instead, teams can focus on pitching product ideas on web3/blockchain.

Solana Consumer Hack 05 with the participation of Web3 Space in the role of Media Partner is your great opportunity to explore the endless potential of Solana, an accelerated blockchain platform that offers unmatched transaction speeds and low fees. "Solana Consumer Hack 05" is a place to demonstrate your programming skills and creativity, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and be led by leading experts in the field.

Here, a series of exciting and engaging activities have been prepared to create a healthy competitive environment full of creative energy. You will have the opportunity to listen to discussions from experts, share knowledge with potential teammates and receive support from a team of experienced consultants. You will explore Solana and blockchain and build actual and potential applications.

Solana Consumer Hack 05 is an opportunity to:

  • Network Building: Collaborate with passionate people, the best in the blockchain community, to create breakthrough solutions on the Solana platform.

  • Get support from experts: Their team of consultants, I will accompany you throughout the hackathon, providing guidance and sharing experiences so you can achieve the best results.

  • Create a buzz: The best project will have the opportunity to be widely promoted and recognized by the blockchain community and top investors.

  • Expanded Network: Connect with blockchain experts, developers, and enthusiasts in the Solana community. Forge lasting relationships and explore new opportunities.

  • Attractive prizes: With a total prize value of up to 47 million VND and other special rewards, join us to compete to become the best developer!

The teams went through three rounds of intense and exciting training. Now there are only excellent and top teams left. Let's look forward to the final round on August 10th and 11th!

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