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[Consumer Hackathon 01] List of Ideas and SDKs

Updated: May 16

Solana Hackathon 01 - Consumer Hack now welcomes all builders that are interested in Solana chain application. If you are about to join us, please note that this Hackathon, unlike other hackathons, this event limits developers to the programming libraries available in the Solana ecosystem, and we encourage you to use the following ideas.

1. CandyPay

A low-code checkout solution, powering seamless, mobile-native, and effortless Payment infrastructure for web3 businesses, where you can get started accepting Solana payments in a few lines of code!

  • Build a platform that allows people to create controlled access to their personal data, be it anything like Link, Image, Video,... that they can share publicly and anyone can access such data by paying the data owner fee through SPL token (similar to on Solana, which can help anyone on the internet to monetize bright content their creation)

  • Build a fundraising platform like that uses SPL tokens as payment method.

  • Build an e-commerce website or delivery app with integrated payment methods using $SOL and SPL tokens.

  • Building an event ticket distribution and management system using NFTs.

  • Build a platform that allows users to create avatars with AI-based prompts, like Midjourney. After successful creation, users can download avatars by paying for the platform using CandyPay Checkout.

Find more infomation about Candy Pay:

2. Shyft

Shyft is the ultimate Web3 development platform that provides an extensive set of low-code Solana APIs. Our highly scalable infrastructure empowers developers to write less code, manage less DevOps, and deploy at lightning speed. With Shyft SDK, developers can effortlessly access the on-chain wallet, token, NFT, and transaction data, as well as continuously monitor on-chain activity with Callbacks. It's time to unleash your innovation and start BUILDing with Shyft!


  • Build a wallet clone, This project would automate transferring all of your wallet's assets (sol, tokens, NFTs) to a new wallet.

  • Wallet Trackers: This project would allow you to add a bunch of wallets and show a unified tx feed.

  • Realtime Web3 Cache: This project would create a caching layer that updates automatically whenever on-chain account data changes.

  • Wallet Analysis: This project would analyze the history of your wallet, understand the kind of txs they do and assign unique tags to them. For eg. if your wallet has held a Famous Fox NFT since its initial minting, you might name it 'The Stable Fox'. If you frequently trade meme coins, you could be dubbed 'Hot Hands'.

  • Index any program data, by listening to on-chain txs in real-time, parsing the data and saving it in a DB, which can be queried by API calls later on.

Find more information about Shyft:

3. Civic

Civic Pass is an on-chain solution that enables dApps to restrict access to their offerings by vetting users in a way that protects users' privacy. DApp developers can easily create a permissioned application by selectively granting users access based on verified, real-world properties like age, location, and liveness.

Integration guides are outlined on, where dApps can learn to:

  • Integrate Civic Pass CAPTCHA into a dApp for botting prevention during a mint or account creation

  • Integrate Civic Pass Uniqueness (one user, one wallet) into a dApp to help prevent Sybil attacks and create more fair communities

  • Integrate Civic Pass Identity Verification Services for identity document checks into a Solana protocol, for example Openbook DEX, Wordcel, and dApps

Find more information about Civic:

4. Hxro Network

Hxro is a distributed liquidity layer for derivatives trading and betting applications built on the Solana blockchain. Through a series of core protocols, Hxro also provides the foundational infrastructure for exchange, risk, margin, and settlement functions needed to construct any derivatives or gaming applications.

Find more information about Hxro Network:


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