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Throwback: Private Pitching Event For Hackathon and Hacker House Winner

On 14 April 2023, via discord platform, Private Pitching event at Web3 Space's Discord server was exciting and dramatic. After a stressful pitching round, 10 project builders had excellent pitching and impressive Q&A with investors and demonstrated the leadership of the project representative. Although each team only has 15 minutes to present, they can fully deliver their ideas and convince investors.

The private pitching event was divided into 2 rooms, each room had project builders and investors. Rooms underwent 2 rounds with the main activities which were introduced beforehand: pitching round and Q&A round

Pitching round

The first part of the event is the time for project builders to show their project and leadership ability through the presentation. In every 15 minutes spent for each team, builders delivered their ideas, their skills, as well as the potential of their projects to convince investors

Although each team only had 15 minutes to present, they delivered their ideas and convince investors

Q&A round

This is an interactive activity between VCs and builders in one panel. VCs and builders exchanged, asked, and answered questions with each other. Moreover, builders received feedback and detailed review from investors. This is a meaningful activity that makes an opportunity for builders to show leadership skills in their project. Surely the feedback and comments from investors will bring value to the projects for further improvement and development.


Private pitching is an event that Web3 Space features in with partnership Solana, SuperTeam Viet Nam made and executed to create a space for Hackathon and Hacker House winners. Probably this event not only brings an opportunity and experience for builders but it is also a playground for builders themselves and connects with VCs in Web3/Blockchain

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