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[Throwback] Solana Consumer Hack 04

Updated: Aug 1

On the 7th and 8th of last July, Vietnam American College held the Solana Consumer Hack 04 event with the participation of Web3 Space as a strategic and communication partner for students who are passionate about Blockchain and Application Programming.

️The event was a great success with convincing presentations and "fiery" Q&A with the judges of the contestants in Demo Pitching.

After 2 consecutive days of coding & 3 hours of product demo, the teams from 3 colleges faced very challenging and thrilling competitions. From ideation, coding to product presentation, each team's individuality and creative capacity are reflected.

After 48 hours of making ideas and preliminary products, the contestants had a very convincing presentation as well as an impressive Q&A session with the judges of the program. And at the end of that journey, Vietnam American College is very pleased to announce the final award as follows:

🔥1st runner up: NFTs LoansX

✨2st runner up: Mungbean (Helloworld)

✨3nd runner up: Cross chain P2P Messaging

🌟4nd runner up: Solo leveling Real estate in sandbox game

Track Awards:

🍃Backpack: Mungbean (Helloworld)

🍃Wormhole: Cross chain P2P Messaging

🍃Helius: NFTs LoansX

🍃Elusiv: NFTs LoansX

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