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In the current digital era, businesses are increasingly reliant on websites and other digital channels to reach their customers, especially those in the web3/blockchain space. To be successful in the competitive market, businesses need to leverage available digital opportunities (such as websites or mobile apps). This has led to a growing focus on UX/UI in product development.

Why is UX/UI important?

Creating a first impression

A good-looking, user-friendly interface will capture users' attention from the moment they interact with it. According to a study, 75% of consumers make quick judgments about a product based on color. Therefore, the color, images, and layout of the interface need to be designed to be appropriate for the target audience and the business's goals.

Increasing website traffic

A website with good UX/UI will help users easily find the information they need, navigate comfortably, and have a pleasant experience. This will help increase website traffic and time spent on page.

Differentiating and promoting the brand

A unique and creative UX/UI will help the business's brand stand out and be easily remembered. Especially in the digital age, when users are exposed to many different brands, UX/UI is an important factor in helping businesses make a strong first impression and attract customers.

Reducing costs and increasing profits

Good UX/UI can help businesses understand their customers' needs better, which can lead to improved experiences and increased customer satisfaction. This can help reduce marketing and sales costs, as well as increase revenue and profits.

UX/UI design principles for improving user experience


User interface consistency means using similar design patterns, identical terminology in prompts, uniform menus and screens, and consistent commands throughout the interface. The interface and experience need to be designed consistently across all platforms and devices. This will help users easily adapt to and use the product or service.


The best interfaces are familiar to users. Usability, which is the ease with which users interact with a product or website, is closely related to familiarity. Familiarity in the interface can help increase user retention and help them spend less time understanding how the user interface works so they can get to using the product/service faster.


This principle emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs and wants of users. Businesses need to conduct thorough research on the target audience, including factors such as: behavior, preferences, habits, etc., to design the most appropriate interface and experience.


Well-designed and professional UI/UX can provide many benefits for any business that is serious about success. Businesses will not waste resources by investing in UI/UX design. It is good for business and brings profitability to their ROI.

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