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Web3 Space's Pitching Night: Fostering Innovation and Driving Adoption in the Web3 Ecosystem

Updated: Jul 18

On 9 July 2023, at CTY Kitchen & Bar, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam The Pitching Night event was exciting and dramatic. 10 project builders had excellent pitching and impressive Q&A with investors and demonstrated the leadership of the project representative. Although each team only had 6 minutes to present, they fully delivered their amazing pitch decks and impressed us with their vision, creativity, and impact.

The event was divided into 2 rounds, the main activities which were introduced beforehand: pitching round and Q&A round. In round 1, representatives will present their projects in front of VCs in turn, and in round 2 they will discuss the project with each other.

Pitching round

In the first part of the event, project builders showcase their projects and demonstrate their leadership skills. There are 10 projects participating in this event. They are

1. HyperStation - helps projects on any marketing campaign ( airdrop, retros ... ) | Defi | Vietnam

2. Nimbus - A personalized portfolio for Web3 | Defi | Vietnam

3. The Alchemist - a data-driven platform | Vietnam

4. Capshort - Focus on Education & Entertainment with multi-sensory experience on Web3

5. Polynft - A complete platform for NFT enthusiasts on Polygon

6. Pacer - a brand new wellness ecosystem super app, introduces sleep-to-earn to Web3

7. Steadefi Steadily - Leveraged yield protocol providing automated risk-managed and diversified yield strategies for all market conditions

8. FlowXFinance - The Ecosystem-focused DEX built on the Sui Blockchain | DeFi | Vietnam

9. Connect 2 Evolve - C2E - A decentralized platform with the goal of uniting the diverse decentralized universe into a single hub.

10. Project Galapago - a Web3 NFT liquidity protocol

In every 15 minutes spent for each team, builders delivered their ideas, their skills, as well as the potential of their projects to convince investors. 

QnA round

The builders of each project presented their project's potential to investors, discussing their skills and work. They impressed investors with their creativity, vision, and impact, even though they had only six minutes to present. Each team fully delivered their amazing pitch decks and showcased their capabilities.

In the Q&A round, investors and project builders engaged in an interactive activity, conversing, asking, and responding to each other's questions. Builders received feedback and thorough reviews from investors, and the opinions and suggestions from investors will undoubtedly be valuable for the future development of their projects.

Networking Session

In addition to the QnA round, the Pitching Night event also provided ample networking opportunities. Each project had its own booth, allowing VCs to visit and connect with builders. This connection was crucial for investors to fully understand the projects and invest capital in suitable projects. The networking opportunities provided at Pitching Night were invaluable for both builders and VCs.

The Pitching Night event was a one of the side events from Good Morning Vietnam, the largest blockchain event of 2023 in Vietnam side events, serving as the graduation night for the first Acceleration course and the biggest event ever for the organization. Pitching Night not only provided an opportunity and experience for builders, but it was also a playground for builders to connect with VCs in Web3/Blockchain.

Web3 Space is committed to supporting the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. By providing opportunities for builders and VCs to connect, the organization hopes to foster innovation and drive adoption of blockchain technology. The success of the Pitching Night event is a testament to this commitment, and Web3 Space looks forward to future opportunities for builders and VCs to connect.


The Pitching Night event was a valuable opportunity for builders and VCs to engage and gain insights into the Web3 ecosystem. The event also provided ample networking opportunities, allowing VCs to connect with builders and identify promising projects. As Web3 Space continues to support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem, events like Pitching Night will be critical for fostering innovation and driving adoption.


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