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Web3 Space Introduction: Who we are?

Updated: May 16

Web3 Space - A new playground for blockchain enthusiasts!

Web3 is global and borderless, but we need a physical place to come and meet beyond the digital realm. Understanding the significant role of community for people interested in blockchain and crypto to learn, communicate and create networking with VCs, and mentors, we created Web3 Space for this reason. Web3 Space gathers web3 pioneers to build a better future utilizing decentralized technology.

Web3 Space is a web3 co-creation space located in the thriving city of Hanoi, Vietnam - Southeast Asia's notorious startup hub. With a cooperative network of professionals, Web3 Space aims to become the leading blockchain-savvy ecosystem and community. Together, we assist talented, ambitious people in achieving their professional and personal objectives. We accomplish this through awesome hackathons and workshops with the leading mentors in the blockchain.

- Our programs focused on four main categories:

- Hackathon

- Grants

- Accelerator

- Education

Our journey has just started! Stay tuned, and look forward to our upcoming events!

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